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Anonymous said:

Hey dude I love your dramatic readings. Anyway, can you read the name of every state in America in the most seductive way possible? In alphabetical order please.

what the fuck


Well, OKAY.

Saying the Names of All 50 States in Alphabetical OrderSeductively


I can’t even get through this entire thing without dying.

I wonder if this guy ever worries of someone walking in on him seductively reading the States to a microphone. 

I fucking dare someone to listen to this entire thing and not laugh once because I’m snorting like a fucking pig at this

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Her reasons to love Onew: His eye smile

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– Music critic Im Jin Mo (via chang5oul)

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The reason why there is so much interest in DBSK is because unlike most of the kid groups, their singing abilities are excellent. All five members song and unexpectedly, presents a good harmony. It breaks the bias that boy bands cannot sing, This is what separates other idol groups and DBSK.
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